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I'm crossing you in style, someday

Sunday night; I came up with a dumb idea that required rubber cement/spray adhesive. My last canisters of both having sealed themselves in some sort of protest against craft-related productivity, I ended up walking to CVS to buy some more. And I noticed my walking.

I usually don't.

For my dog-walking job, I can spend a good 7 hours a day cycling and walking. Even in the winter the bike is still the best way to go, as the parking rates in my work area would wipe out any profit I make on the walks. The walks themselves are less of "hey, let's get some exercise, maybe un-lax after eating a good sandwich and take time to contemplate shrews" strolls and more of a "okay you have to get this done how is the time doing you will have to shave a few minutes off this appointment and definitely run a few lights to get back on time" speedwalk. And by the end of the day, my legs are almost always aching more than I expect them to.


But this half-mile walk to CVS was light and breezy. No twenty pounds of food and bike-repair tools/supplies hanging on my shoulder. No three extra layers to protect myself from the cold (as the longer I end up lingering in the cold, the more chances it get to seep into the few seams and openings between different pieces). No rush. No deadlines. I felt happy to be on my feet.

And depressed to realize that in 12 hours the exact opposite was going to be happening, and for the next five days.


( real point to this writing, I believe. Just told myself this morning to get something down and publish it. C'mon, hit the publish key. Don't be shy...)

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